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I want to tell you our story and our hopes for this event. Right around September 2017 when I was still known as Perlita Picante, my good friend and hermano Professir Rolan Thunder and I were in the * very * early conversation stages of bringing an all-Latine showcase to Olympia. Turns out we had close to the same idea at about the same time!

As a solo artist I had made a commitment to myself to bring a little bit of my cultura to the stage, which I had strived towards since before this conversation happened. Without fully understanding why, I knew representation mattered to me.

Fun fact: Azúcar was not the first name I thought of for this show, but it was the word that had the impact I wanted. I had a preliminary poster art done as well with the first name (one day I’ll share it here). One afternoon watching the “Celia” series on Netflix gave me that aha! moment: That was it. So in honor of Celia Cruz, one of Latin America’s biggest and greatest music icons, a Cuban AfroLatina who was way ahead of her time and fought fiercely for what she believed in, who united millions of Latinos and the world with her voice, who loved her Tierra until she took her last breath, Azúcar was born and made its Olympia debut on 9/8/2023 at the Capitol Theater. I can’t even write any of this without tears in my eyes.

Latine identities are complex. As such, I strive to bring diversity, equity and inclusion within the Latine performing community by welcoming all artists of Latine heritage regardless of race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, age, shape and size. Thus, it is important for me as an Ecuadorian immigrant, as an Olympia resident of 18 years and as part of the local performing arts scene to facilitate spaces where my Latine community is seen and celebrated.

I believe in my community and I believe in the power of the stories told by Latine artists through their art. I hope you consider becoming part of the success of this one-of-a-kind show!

The cast of Azúcar September. Top row: Chesty LaRue, Dulce, Vanessa the Witch. Middle row: Latina K Turner D’Ho, VenDetta Petty Kash D’Ho. Bottom Row: Vida Catastrophe, Papaya Magic Cabaret, Lana Montreese.